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Sunday Certification,  Examination included

Sunday Certification, Examination included

4 Consecutive Sundays


Our certification program is an entirely hands on course that provides a comprehensive education on spirit history and bar fundamentals.

Our students are trained and tested not only on speed and accuracy, they also emerge with a complete understanding on how to create a unique custom cocktail.


From Bourbon and Bitters to tequila and tinctures we explore and enjoy the world of different spirits.

Intro to the bar.

What is a work station?

Bar safety.

Introduction to bar tools and how to use them properly.

House vs top shelf and what is F.I.F.O.?

How to cut garnishes and learn different types of glassware.

Free pouring vs using a jigger with focus on foundation.

Bar terminology and cocktail tasting with emphasis on balance.

Customer service the what - why - when and where.

Liquors vs liqueurs, flavor variations with the difference between proof and abv.

Whiskey / Scotch discussion and what makes location so important.

Lecture on the Tequila & Mezcal family and what makes them different.

A day with Rum / Cachaca.

The many faces of Gin / Genever.

Vodka and it's long history.

Exploring Brandy and Cognac.

Timed cocktail trials and exercises.

Practice makes perfect.

How to properly check Identification and the tell-tell signs of inebriation.

Final practical exam.

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